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    But wait! If you are into rebuilding Zenith carburetors you might want to (Zenith) Stromberg Carburetor – Model “CD”, “CDSE” General Exploded View The general design and parts shown will vary to individual units covered on this instruction sheet. Now measure the distance from the float to the cover. Float Level Gauge for Weber and Zenith Carburetors. The effect of air cleaner deterioration on this carburetor is minimized by internal bowl venting. 5. A 5/8" test bar should be used. Of particular note should be the following: The FLOAT VALVE and the ACCELERATOR PUMP are incorrect. float valve is set too low the gas level in the main jet and cap jet will be too low and it will be difficult for. The float level gauge is designed to check float levels with the engine running. The rectangular float style is the most commonly found. The bottom half has cast in it Zenith Made in the USA. 05 mm increments. Float. It is a Z1-267 . $17. 168. Off-tolerance rebuild  Zenith Down Draft WIP Carb Cleaning. Availability: In Stock. 728" +/- 0. Float Level. Fuel consumption b. com . With the carburettor upside-down, measure the height of the bottom of the float (now at the top) above the edge of the body. It is a zenith 13794 carb. 00. Check with gauge and repeat until float is at correct height. Zenith needle & seat with viton tip. MADE IN THE USA. When at idle, not all the fuel drawn into the  Mixture recirculating carburettor with pneumatic Ignition advance only. Adjusting the Float Level Page 14 (Top Section)Cleaning The Carburetor Page 15 (Bottom Section) We recommend that, except in cases of emergency, no attempt be made to change the gasolene level of the Carburetor. Now I need advice for setting the float level in the Zenith (also marked Bandix) carburetor. Zenith Carburetor Float Valve Orifice Details. Toggle navigation. 3 Feb 2008 The float needle makes a perfect seal and the float height set to 34mm ( deliberately set slightly higher than recommended to give a lower level  29 Jun 2013 Digging through my memory, i understand the float level should be below the main jet to prevent fuel siphoning by 3mm. 672 but I'm not sure of the where and the how to use this measurement. Select to compare. Extensive coverage of the Zenith carbs through the online catalog, excellent before and after sale service. is to a two-hole The idle mi into the air stream Of adjustment w of fuel from the float to the charge jet; a Or high (well jet) unif m mixture ratio under changing and engine Zenith carburetors built from 1932 to about 1980 have a round aluminum or brass tag about the size of a dime riveted to the top of the carburetor. 6 out of 5 stars 37. Most Zenith how to publications recommend that the fuel level should be set at a nominal 5\8" down from where the upper and lower castings come together. The top of the float should be 5/8" from the machined surface of the body. I have struck a problem  2 Mar 2009 The Zenith 1 carburetor was made by Zenith, Zenith 2 made by Holley, When the float level is too high the fuel level in the jets is too high and  17 Aug 2011 What is the correct way to set the float? Also where are the best needle settings? I started at 1 1/2 turns on each one. 0mm (. Stalling and hesitation . Description. I downloaded the S-8D manual (Thank You), which provides info for fuel adjustments but nothing about float levels. 84):. The Zenith carburetor is highly sensitive to the float level. 14). Here, our float level is too high (closer than 1/2 inch to the parting line of the upper  Are the Zenith designs any better? The float level is a critical adjustment to get enough pressure to close the needle valve I you have added  3 May 2016 This adjustment allows a little higher fuel level in the float bowl, and the intention is that it will fix the too-lean condition that contributes to engine  When adjusting the float be careful not to put any pressure on the needle. -, Adjustment data. Second Stage Diaphragm. The standard answer has been (and this is published in some Zenith literature)  25 Mar 2010 I set the float height, per the instructions at a3/16 inch. The specialist said it was impossible to get a ruler into the bowl and measure \ set it. Again, the factory specification for the float level is 18. If you are finally tired of  Another article on the Model A Ford Zenith carburetor. 2. Enough already! There must be a whole floor in the library of congress devoted to articles written about this carburetor. Mount the carburetor to the engine, connect the gas line and use an external fuel level gauge to make final float adjustments. 18-06-2018, 12:15 PM . JLG part 7023471. It is best to install two gauges, one per bowl, so as to manage the amount of fuel spillage into the engine compartment. 9. If more the 5/8”, add  21 Jul 2017 Figure 20 Homemade Float Gauge. The fuel flows through holes in the float chamber plug to the inside of the jet, where the level is the same as in the float chamber. Share on Facebook Hello - Yes, I've done a search here, no cigar. Zenith Float Level Gauge. November 20, 2020. If your number is not listed, this float is not the correct float for your application. 8 Sep 2011 From there it was time to get the Zenith ready: I cleaned up up the iron If fuel is dribbling up and down the right side venturi your float level is  9 Jul 2019 120-. for example, is actually simpler and more reliable than the SU carburetor it replaced. WE SELL INDIVIDUAL PIECES OF KITS AND CARBS !! 1-734-428-8424 ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE Dec 15, 2020 · The Zenith 267 carburetor is a 1 barrel updraft type of carburetor. 1928-31 Zenith Float Valve Shim Kit A-9564-S The float level on the Zenith carb is critical. Any ideas????? Model A Ford, Zenith Carburetor Troubleshooting Chart Common Causes Loose fuel line fitting, drain plug, filter strainer, GAV, Passage plugs, etc. You can buy new staples, or make your own from . They are the Zenith 40-TIN model. Made in USA. The standard Model B valve was a '44'. Take care not to damage the float needle spring. 00/ea, $139/two, plus tax and shipping. Incorrect float {fuel) level will cause: a. 7 out of 5 stars 9. The distortion of the float itself may not allow the float valve to close correctly. Rating(s) (0) Float Zenith 40 TIN. This is an important setting and it should be confirmed that the setting is actually there. I need the spec's for setting the float level on my 2. Zenith: 13845, 13847, 13850, 13858, 13882, 13887, 13898, 13901, 13905, 13907, 13908, 13921, 13972, 13982, 13986, 13988, 14010, 14024, 14030, 14043, This page details the float weights of the three original style B-9550 Model B Zenith carburetor floats. 3. We have fresh gas and the  To set float level for zenith carburetor, turn upper half up side down. N-1429 Disassembly Use the exploded view as a guide. Please note: I would remove the float, if you end up putting a hole in this you will be very This adjustment is not on  13 Jul 2007 Thread: Front Zenith carb overflowing You can't really set the float level like that but you can remove the jet for a cleaning or replacement. Adjusting the Float Level is accomplished by changing the number and/or size of the washers between the Float Valve and the Carb Top. Do you know a source for the float level, etc?Thanks,Mickey Dec 15, 2020 · Zenith 28 & 228 carburetor adjustments. Again, measure the distance. 5 to 19. Always disassemble carburetors individually as parts should not be interchanged. the carburetor paying attention to the correct initial setting of the float for proper fuel level. 125 below the bridge. c  Many floats have been molested in an attempt to set the float level. With the float chamber lid inverted and the hinge lever resting on the float needle, it should be possible to just slide a 7/16" diameter between the radius of the hinge lever and the face of the float chamber lid. • May 29, 2017. Lean or rich fuel mixture . Lean or rich fuel mixture. As the petrol level rises the float lifts and, by means of the float arm and tag, closes the needle on its seating when the correct level has been attained. x Gaskets are not sealing properly. Remove top, remove pump from top, replace top on carb. On the top half stamped in a little circle it has 13794 E 71523C-93. This carburetor has a part number of 14996 and used on TSX And Zenith 28-31 ZENITH FLOAT - MADE IN USA ZENITH FUEL LEVEL GUAGE (EA) $6. The correct level for the petrol in the float chamber corresponds to 3 m/m below the top of the main jet cover. Diagram # 12 616-100 CBK Carburetor Kit Float for Zenith 14019 14020 12775 13733 14133 14147 14183 13653 13549 12253 12098. Set mag points to . YouTube has finally  ZENITH CARBURETOR SERIES -61-62-67-68-161-267 SPRING - IDLE ADJUSTING NEEDLE MAIN JET ADJUSTMENT. Sold per each. The number will be the float level in mm (millimeters). Parent - Set the float level to 1/4" measuring from gasket. b. about Zenith carburetors and the fuel system parts diagrams -use this diagram for ordering parts or seeing how it all goes together. Float Level Adjustment Adjusting the float level is first and very important. The float valve in a Zenith carburetor controls the publications recommend that the fuel level should see it, in most cases the adjustment is done by guess. 031" fiber shims which can be used on the float valve to raise or lower the fuel level in the bowl. I have 1 pair of WIP's on the car that runs not too bad (Vizard mods, KB grind) but the front carb leaks at the fuel line connection. Most How to set a carb float. 625- . Posted by Bill Narby on September 25, 2004 at 04:08:25 from (68. Make sure your carburetor adjustments are done in order to have a smooth runnng carburetor. See diagram. All the books say . The original Ford / Zenith carburetor valve number found stamped on the valve is the orifice size as expressed in 0. the large volume semi-concentric fuel bowl and vent locations combine to permit extreme-angle operation. The Zenith float level guage tool is very difficult to find, and while we are trying to get one reproduced, here is how to do it without the guage. Zenith Float Level Gauge $ 79. A-9600. 19 $ 12. The float valve in this kit is usually a 140-160. This variation of choke (venturi) size maintains a constant air velocity over the jet Zenith 68-Series Carburetor - Service Information Author: Unknown Subject: Service & Troubleshooting - Zenith 68-Series Carburetors Keywords: Zenith 68-Series Carburetors Created Date: 5/23/2011 4:26:02 PM Remember when adjusting the float/fuel level in any carb. Car runs great on the road and idles good. It seems like it runs better with the spark lever slightly retarded then all the way  I've read the what to set the float level to . Item(s) added to Cart! View. When necessary, bend tab Number 6 to adjust this distance. Mine is 67  Zenith Carburetor Float · Allis Chalmers - Fits: Some: B, C, CA, D10, D12, D14, D15, H3, I40, I400, I60, I600, IB, RC (with Zenith 9492 or 9507), WC, WD, WF;  13 Feb 2012 It sounds like the float level is set too high. While later Z-S models used a large number and variety of “add on” features to meet our pollution control requirements, the basic “heart” of these carburetors remained relatively simple. On the horizontal Carburetter this can be seen on the engine by unscrewing the air dome at the back, taking out the main jet and replacing the plug. Masskko Carburetor Carb Rebuild Repair Kit for Zenith (Z The zenith on my 28 Tudor tends to weep fuel when sitting for a time, even with the fuel shut off closed. The THD is getting a lot better thanks to help from forum members. john williams Member. Never try to bend the tang of the float to adjust float height as damage can occur. Float level Zenith updraught Carburettor. The 1932 Model B first used a cylindrical barrel shaped float, then a rounded shaped float, and later used a rectangular shaped float in 1934 and beyond. Anyone out there  Float Level Gauge for Weber and Zenith Carburetors. The inside number is the Zenith assembly number and the outer one is the OEM number. Second gauge option at a discount. Post by jpg » Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:24 pm. Figure 21 Measuring Float Height. 14. 11. Zenith B85-139 float is used in Zenith 33 Series carburetors. Zenith accelerator pump link arms are straightened, repaired, or replaced as necessary. The height should be 16 to 18mm long for a hollow float or 18. 92. This distance should be 10. CBK Carburetor Kit Float for Zenith 14019 14020 12775 13733 14133 14147 14183 13653 13549 12253 12098. Match your carb number to be sure. 1928-31 T1 (1 7/8" OD) and T2 (2 1/4" OD) Float chambers. Quantity : Add to cart. While the  3 Nov 2013 I am helping a friend who owns a 1969 250C rebuild the Zenith they are listed; accelerator pumps, float level, second stage diaphragms, etc. The Zenith Carburetor (revised 2010) by Tom Endy Zenith carburetor documentation: Good grief! Another article on the Model A Ford Zenith carburetor. 10) If the level is not correct adjust by gently bending the tab on the float a little bit at a time. 2 liter engine. Replace the bowl and start the engine. Price:$79. com Zenit float switches are specifically for use with submersible pumps and can easily be fitted with counterweights for precise calibration of switching levels. Float Valve (  9 Apr 2015 I am often asked what is the float setting for Zenith carburetors. US manufactured and ethanol ready. 5 mm for a solid float. That has the float level with the casting with the carb upside down. I am in the process of rebuiding it, and can't find the float height. Can anyone tell me what height to adjust the float level to? 1-5/8”? ZENITH CARBURETOR SPECIAL TOOLS MANY carburetor special tools can be replaced by items which most mechanics will have in their shop. I can't seem to get the level higher that 3/4 in. I remember an article Zenith 68-Series Carburetor - Service Information Author: Unknown Subject: Service & Troubleshooting - Zenith 68-Series Carburetors Keywords: Zenith 68-Series Carburetors Created Date: 5/23/2011 4:26:02 PM KIMISS Carburetor Kit,23pcs/set Carburetor Repair Kit & Float for Zenith Wisconsin Engine. The prior owner I had set float level, but didnt think to check the float drop. This adjustment allows a little higher fuel level in the float bowl, and the intention is that it will fix the too-lean condition that contributes to engine backfiring. From here fuel passes into the float chamber via the needle seating S where the flow is controlled by the needle 8 and the twin floats on a common arm 7. I hold the adjusted float up next to the bottom castinging and see there can not be much travel available within the bottom bowl. 7. 0 out of 5 stars 11. 015" thick fiber shims and two . x Updraft - Model 267. -, Checking fuel level in float chamber. Zenith service  If the fuel level is too high, remove the carb top and add shims under the needle and seat assembly. A number of trucks have fallen victim to the local mechanic rebuilding their carbs with these kits. LEVEL float switches are recommended for installation in large tanks in view of their long strokes, and are suitable for use with soiled liquids. The float height only affects the amount of gas getting inside the bowl, the needle and jet are what sets the mixture. The float valve in a Zenith carburetor controls the fuel level in the reservoir. Float level -setting your zenith float level without a gauge E ngine Test Stand - our newest way of making sure your carburetors meet your needs and expectations. 2 carbs. Ideally the bottom of the float should be level – as you can see in the  4 Jul 2017 Bought brand new Zenith 13877 carb for my 1955 860. d. Get it as soon as Fri, To set float level for zenith carburetor turn upper half upside down. $8. Float Level and Height Gauge for Weber DCOE and DCO/SP carburetors. do not to bend the float ! Use shim gaskets under the needle and seat to adjust the level. Does anyone know what the measurement for the float on a MF 135 Perkins with a Zenith carb should be? How far down should the float sit below the gask. The simple in design little Stromberg NA-S3 carburetor is difficult to make operate properly because it is so poorly understood 29 May 2017 Setting float level on Zenith carburator. 50. I demonstrate rich and lean INCORRECT settings as w Any one besides me pulled thier hair out setting the float ht. These gauges are available from Model A suppliers or you can build your own. Many of the early four barrel floats must be adjusted for side play as well as height. $12. Gentlemen Can anyone advise me on the correct float level setting for l967 M151A1? I have found  I have been trying to set the float level on my Zenith-1 carb and am having no luck. The fuel level should be 5/8" below the seam of the halves of the Zenith carburetor. Float level, accelerator pump volume, and initial idle mixture are set. 79. For those looking for a Zenith-Stromberg 175 CD float level gauge Forum member Brian T (Bpt70gt) is 3D printing some great gauges. 25" but the pictures show the float not level to the casting. 11 g BING CARB'S 35-073. Pull distributor wire, so engine doesn't start, and turn over engine till carb is Oct 22, 2016 · Zenith 63M 263M Marine Rebuild Manual - Mikes Carburetor Parts This idle identifies the Zenith 2fi3M Series carburetor, is the ly departure the regulEr Series. It’s has 5 screws holding the halves together. The variable choke (Venturi) allo~s an increase or decrease in choke (v~nturi) size depending upon throttle plate position. I am in the process of rebuilding the Zenith carbs on a 2. Home . LEVEL  As the level rises the float lifts, and the needle, being in contact with the float, cuts off further entry of fuel when the predetermined level is reached. T4 (3" OD). 18,576 views18K views. Carburetor Carb Float Level Gauge Motorcycle Tool for any motorbike. Brass float Zenith TCA-2. Dec 25, 2012 · The proper method of setting the “Idle Mixture Control Screw” in a NA-S3 Stromberg carburetor. However, it may happen that such a course is impossible at the time and if the following instructions are carefully observed there will be no danger of seriously When you get down to setting the float level it says for series-63 (1 5/8)-63M (1 19/32)-61-67-68-161-267 (1 5/32)-62 (1 39/64)-263M (2 1/64) But we can't tell what series the carb is. Includes the clip to clip the needle to the float. Can someone tell me the correct float level? Hello, I’m cleaning my Zenith carburetor with numbers on top that read 71523-93 13794E. 1. We install the bowl gasket, bowl and the gasket below the nut, then snug the nut. The Zenith Fuel Systems model 1408 page says Diagram # 10 616-100-872-00 Inside Lever On Top On Float Chamber Zenith 32 NDIX Fits 356 61610087200 . Some of these carbs tend to puddle, no matter what you do. Sealing between th e float chamber plug and chamber is provided by an O-ring. Fuel consumption. After the fuel has been put into the carburetor, the Float Level will be shown in the clear plastic tube. Add to Cart. Includes kits, gaskets, needle and seat assemblies, floats, main adjusting needle, and small parts. Hard hot starts 2. Get it as soon as Thu All passages are cleaned and threads are chased. Establishing proper float level is among the most important settings on Zeniths. How to inspect and adjust the fuel level is critical to performance and mileage. Joined: Aug 2017 Posts: 61 Threads: 9 Reputation: 1 #1. For instance, float level gauges can normally be replaced by drill bits for one and two barrel carburetors. Zenith Carburetor Float …13209, 13303, 13320, 13327, 13343, 13429, 13430, 13450, 13478, 13598, 13750, 14744, 15108 * Make sure to find your carb manufacturer number in the list below. 15 Dec 2020 Note: Check the fuel line connections so there is no leakage. I have adjusted the float as close to 5/8 as I can and have even put 2 washers under the float valve but it still tends to weep. Add to Wish List. Here is everything we see on it. Zenith 61,62, 67, 68, 161 & 267, 1-barrel carburetor rebuild kits and parts. Get it as soon as Mon Description. Mar 01, 2008 · Planning on doing an overhaul on the Zenith carbs this coming winter and have a few questions. 19. -, INAT 32/40 and 35/40 with  Description: ADAPTERS FOR MODEL B ZENITH CARBURETOR TO MODEL A Comments: For adjusting the float level in ZENITH carburetors ( bending the  B. 4. With the float installed we use needle nose pliers to bend the tab at the inlet needle to achieve 11/32″ float level, measured at 180 degrees from the hinge. Aug 17, 2020 · Zenith L-80-K Float level - posted in Bolens Tractor Forum: I have a Wisconsin S-8D with a Zenith L-80-K carburetor and I wanted to check and or adjust the float level. Float filling with fuel and sinking‹will cause flooding. Measures the float bowl fuel level when using Weber or Zenith carburetors. Comes with instructions and adjustment washers. 043″ stainless The float bracket should lightly touch the needle valve without the ball being depressed. I have tried  8 Aug 2009 Float level still off? I also think my ignition timing could be off. Accelerator pumps. The fuel bowl is designed so that the carburetor can be used at extreme angles without flooding or starving. The design of the carburetor is relatively simple: as air flows down the center venturis, gasoline vapors from two fuel bowls mix with the air and feed the engine. Zenith 61, 62, 67, 68, 161, 267 The list below assumes your carburetor number matches the engine. Zenith 30 HZ. Spill some gas out of the float chamber,  The correct level for the petrol in the float chamber corresponds to 3 m/m below the top of the main jet cover. As the fuel level rises, the float lifts and closes the needle on its seating when the correct level has been attained. Adjust float level by adding gaskets under float valve (14340 or 14341). Our Price: $39. Next, keep the top cover horizontally with the float at full drop. The instrument should be taken, or sent, to a Zenith Service Station where equipment is provided for such adjustments. Where this is noticeable is on the top end power. Problems. Many suspected carburetion issues are actually caused by faults within the ignition system, making this the first place to look before making any carburetor adjustments. On Tillotson set the float level at 1” above the machined surface of the carb top when the top is held upside down in your hand. May 03, 2016 · To do this, shut off the fuel, remove the float bowl, and very gently bend the float upward while securely holding its brass arm. Anybody who regularly works on carburetors will be aware of the importance of the correct float height. Toll free 1-888-664-6462 doc@carbdoc. 15g BING CARB'S 35-120. * Fits Zenith 63-11, 63-12, and 69 series carburetor See full list on bowtie6. I have a book on Webbers, but nothing on the Zeniths. 5 +/- 1. Jan 31, 2019 · The float and its hinge pin come next. Our tool allows you to set the levels with the carbs  Hi all, going to re-fit my Zenith copy from Land Rover Orphanage. This first kit gives you two . On the horizontal Carburetter this can be seen on the  16 Dec 2007 Hi All Carb in my '74 is flooding. xx Float Valve does not seat properly due to dirt, rust or material failure. Our Price: $59. Float: ZC85-115 / Acc Pump: This carburetor was made by Zenith , . . Float level at the momnt, as set by factory, is approx 26mm. 9) In this example the gauge indicates 18 mm. Gaskets, washers, and seals are replaced with new as are the float valve and the accelerator pump or diaphragms. Please start by selecting your Vehicle above. FLOAT LEVEL ADJUSTMENT. They are made with a selective fuel inlet, with or without a back suction economizer and a main jet adjustment . Checking fuel level in float chamber The fuel level on all INAT 32/40 and 35/40 carburettors is governed by distance "A", measured from the joint face of the bedplate to the contact face of the float needle valve (without gasket) (Fig. first question - carburetor drips fuel from intake side while running Ive rebuilt it and its much better before that carb was spitting fuel out now just dripping and fuel can be seen pooling Ive tride to adjust float level by adding a second washer under needle valve - that did not help any suggestions thanx Feb 05, 2021 · The early 911s were equipped with Zenith, float-less Solex, or Weber triple choke 40 IDA 3C carburetors as stock equipment. The basic Zenith-Stromberg, as used on Triumphs in the mid-’60s. Our tool allows you to set the levels with the carbs mounted to your engine, filled by your pump for true settings. 80. An incorrect float level will cause erratic running and all kinds of almost inexplicable symptoms. Accurate and easy to use. x Float is set too high or a pin hole absorbs gasoline into float. AMAL 223/523 with integrated needle. Carburetor Doctor Canada; Carburetor Doctor USA Fits listed Zenith carbs---Make sure that your carburetor manufacturer number is in the list below If your number is not in this list, this float is not the correct float for your application. The Zenith Stromberg carburetor is a constant velocity variable choke (venturi) carburetor. Engine » Carburettor » Zenith Stromberg » Stromberg Float Level (If the level is too low, it is "harder" for fuel to be sucked up out of the jet by the airflow into  Zenit float switches are specifically for use with submersible pumps and can easily be fitted with counterweights for precise calibration of switching levels. Zenith carburetor float to fit Zenith HK2-1/2 HK3 KH2-1/2 R20 R20M R20T TR20 66B5 carburetor float C85-8 Zenith 12 12A10 series carburetor float replaces C85-119 International 10-20, Regular Ensign carburetor fuel resistant float Bend the tag to adjust the float height. Idle Fuel Shut-off   20 Apr 2019 Zenith Stromberg 175 Cd 2 Carburetor With Auto Stromberg carburettor Zenith type 175 CID IS to overhaul—Operation L1 3 Detach float  The float level isn't set correctly. It is also measured to the top of the meniscus; at the top where the edge of the fuel fades in to the wall of the container or 'jumps' to the tail of the caliper. Model B Zenith carburetors used the B-9564 fuel float level needle valve. Bending floats leads to cracked leaking floats. I tapped on the float bowl, as I have a hundred times on Jap carbs, but still flooding out. 50 $ 17. ALFA ROMEO OIL LEVEL FLOAT. Rating(s) SU & Zenith-Stromberg Fuel and Carburetor Symptoms & Diagnosis Before adjusting the carburetors, verify that the following items have been checked for proper operation. Setting the float level prior to reassembly. c. zenith float level. 0 mm. ADJUSTMENTS. Rating(s) star (0). I have been unable to find the technical information needed to finish the job. The Unimog requires a minimum 200. 4"). 13805 Zenith kit, float, choke, pull off, manual. AS for float level the book says 11/64 inch. It is measured with a special tool or the 'tail' of a caliper after removing the carb top. Each original float valve was marked with a number to designate the orifice size. The viton ZENITH CARBURETOR RESTOROGRAPH MAIN J ET ADJUSTMENT. Venting Valves (Pre-1972 Only). You will need a screwdriver, calipers and a bit of patience. Zenith 28 or 228 Float Adjustment. Seems like I either end up running fuel on the ground or get none. Floats stuck, or hung up on the lip where the carb bolts together? Parent - By Cole Welding (**) A NEW Zenith replacement 13713 is $167.